In the past week and a half I have…

Rented a house.
Gotten two jobs.
Finished two classes.
Learned Yiddish.
Gone to a roller rink.
Failed to get my license…again.
Painted two rooms…a million times over.
Exaggerated, but only sort of.
Written 7 poems. (Which before equaled like the amount that I’d ever
written…ever. I don’t know what happened. Must have been a rough
Read 4 books.
Cried hard once.
Got paint in my hair.
Got paint in Jenn’s hair.
Laughed so much I gave myself the hiccups.
Acquired A LOT of furniture. And books.
Argued with Andrew…and subsequently called Luther a Nazi.
Written one article. (IJFM, Fall)
Thought of study objectives for five different books of the bible for four different grade levels.
Went for coffee with some old friends.
Got to know Jenn a little better.
Made a mess of my room…while trying to clean it. *sigh*
Brushed my hair…maybe…once. I think…
And other stuff.
I’m sure I ate something. I do that often enough.


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