Now…back by popular demand… Naw, just kidding – I’m popular alright, but I’m not back.

Wait…reverse that.

I’m not that popular…but I am back. Here’s what for: I wanted to give –
those of you who might be wondering – a little update on what is going on
in my life. I really don’t like doing this sort of stuff (the reason I
haven’t done it before). But as it so happens, my mom sent out a mass
report/prayer letter and  – lo and behold! it mentioned me. So
I’ll let her do the talking. One thing…it isn’t e n t i r e l y
accurate and (perhaps for that reason) makes my life sound a lot more
put together than my account would have, but all for the better.

...Emily (19) has set up a house with 6 single girls, which will be 
supporting eachother in prayer and lifestyle as they seek God's
direction in mission involvement. She has just written an article for the
International Journal for Frontier Missions on a revitalized International Student
Leaders Coalition for Frontier Missions (what is that? check it out: Emily is working part time for Insight Distance
sites, redoing the Insight website, and attending Pasadena City
, where in her eclectic way she has signed up for classes in acting,
cello playing, environmental chemistry, the writings of Dante, and social
dance, while also taking online/correspondence courses in Modern Standard
Literary Arabic and writing children's literature for publication. Whew. Please
pray that the Lord would give her guidance and energy and the ability to do
all she has committed to...
&c. &c.

And furthermore (I hope this interests some of you Bethany folk.) She continues:

...My husband Tim Lewis and I (and our daughter Emily) will be in Minneapolis Sept 21 through Sept 
25, meeting with Bethlehem Baptist, others and attending the IFMA/EMS
meeting the evening of the 22nd through 24th...

Here (vaguely) is what I would have said.
I’ve lately acquired:
A new roommate.
Two new housemates – who between them think I’m both a reader and a lit major…I laughed.
And one more, by the name of Melissa, as pleasant as ever.
Two classes, out of the five I tried for.
A new boss (who’s the best, ever) and a new office fitted with all the
trimmings, including a computer and a name plate. (No, really I just
printed out my name and title and pinned it to the door…and the
computer isn’t really real either – it’s a mac.)
A new drivers license.
A new hair color.
New web design abilities. At least theoretically…(thanks, Andrew.)
And plan to acquire (shortly):
A new herb garden, far, far away from anywhere my parents might pave over.
And…that’s it…though I might be needing a cello, by Tuesday. I have the
feeling that’s one of those things it doesn’t work to make out of duct

Today I learned all the terrors of having a professional editor, and
what it feels like to have something printed in your name where you
think you wouldn’t have said half of it the way it was said if you’d
been left to say it the way you wanted.

Speaking of editors…this may just double the longest post I’ve ever,
um, posted. I think it’s to my credit that you’re still reading…though
it may not be to yours. (Oops, there goes my audience, huh?) Well, it
makes me feel better about the editors…how’s that? I like you all.

Now, for heaven’s sake, comment or something! Even if this is the first
sentence you’ve read since I started talking about myself. Let’s have
some quid pro quo.


12 thoughts on “

  1. The audience is here! And I think you’re life rocks. I tell people what my family is doing, so they’ll think I have a life. I play piano for worship, and write stories. And do laundry, the dishes, and occasionally sweep. There. That’s a good long list. Huh?

  2. I didn’t know about the cello class! Man, now this gives me the insentive to go take viola, or maybe I’ll finally pick up oboe—or I could just continue with violin. bahhh, I don’t want to take some stupid computer class, maybe I’ll drop it and take a music class instead….or web design :P

  3. Popular demand rocks! Thank you very much for giving us the great pleasure of knowing a bit more about anything related to you. =) Congradulations on the new driver’s license and cool article. (And I’m still patient and still waiting to see your new look.)

  4. glad that you are back… i’m glad that i am now part of the xanga cult…
    nice article… where is your conference going to be in the cities?

  5. speaking of being popular and not back…I’ve missed you; I’m quite sure that I did not see you last night…which could either mean scandal or that you visited your parents. Either way, i fully support you.

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