Why there seems to be a little bit of miscommunication among the Insight administration…

Me: “Oh, ouch, stomach pain!”
Jenn – “In your head?”

“…which we could do on our return trip from starbucks…if you know what
I mean…which, of course you do, because there was no hidden meaning in

Me: “…except that paper don’t mold.”

Me: “…and my skirt smells like omelet.”
Jenn: “Why walnut?”
Me: “Omelet.”
Jenn: “Oh, almond… It’s funny that I heard a different nut.”
Me: “No – no nut. OMELET.”


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  1. hehehe…i remember the day of suckering you into going to Starbucks to “work.” days in the office when you are coincidentally there too are always the best–especially when they involve tea and dave and such.

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