I had my cello final today. I practiced my fingers sore for it too,
because I really needed to ace it. And I was doing pretty good. Not
Yo-Yo Ma or anything…(not even close) but it wasn’t half bad. All
seven pieces! I think you all would have been really impressed…had
you heard me practicing.

Being that I was feeling pretty good about myself, I wasn’t really
nervous as I waited in the music building with my cello. I knew before
hand that I was going first – no problem. I also knew that my teacher
wasn’t going to be there and I was going have to perform it for the
violin teacher, who I find slightly more intimidating – alright. Yeah,
my resolve stayed with me…right up until the moment I walked into
that classroom.

In middle school I was privileged to have the experience of falling on
my face…literally. I was running and my foot caught on one of those
awful sprinkler heads, I fell flat and skidded a good space along the
sidewalk. If you don’t believe that it’s actually possible to fall on
your face, I had a hole in my knee and was bleeding – profusely – from
both my chin and my forehead; I have witnesses who can attest to this.
The unfortunate part was that I had something in my hands at the time
(evidently something important because I saved it at the expense of my
jeans and part of my left eyebrow). The really unfortunate part is that when you split open your face you have to explain for weeks just how it happened.

Well, this was the musical version of that.

If you’ve ever had to play a string instrument with sweaty hands while
shaking uncontrollably, you might have some of an idea what this was
like. I still feel nauseous.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Why does the post say December 6th?
    Its nice to finish the last final, it always makes me happy that I don’t have to go in to school again for a while.

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