Alright, let’s give you something you can comment on…

Thursday night a bunch of us went to Lindy Groove for
Lance’s birthday. (To wish Lance a happy belated birthday, click here.) I
honestly really didn’t want to go, and wouldn’t have if Lance wasn’t so cool
and it hadn’t been his birthday. It was actually a ton of fun and Ayodele had
to drag me out at a quarter to midnight.

Wanna know what I did? My new way of getting over embarrassing moments is
sharing them with the whole world (i.e. the five of you who read this). That said, I
was dancing with this really nice guy and we were talking and hitting it
off pretty well…then the song ends, “Would you like to keep
dancing?” He asks. Unfortunately, that’s not what I hear. I thought he
asked something like, “Are you a dancer?” So I gave him a very decisive,

Hey, it was loud in there, and I’m half deaf in normal settings.
The look on his face was terrible, you’d have thought I’d just slapped
him. All the color drained from his face and he asked timidly, No…?” Here I’m thinking, Oh
my word, what have I done?

“I am so sorry! What did you just ask?”
“I asked if…if you wanted to keep dancing?”
“Oh! Sure, I’d love to.”

I tried to apologize for my mistake by saying that when I don’t hear a question
I say “no” just to be safe. (That’s not exactly true.) He was really nice about it, “Oh yeah, I do that
too. You don’t want to say yes, you never know what they could be
asking.” And then me with all my tact, “Yeah, they ask, ‘You wanna
come home with me?’ and you’re like, ‘Sure!'”

Another look, this time not as bad. “I hope that’s not what you thought I

Smooth, Emily. “No, not at all!”

It’s amazing how I can dance with my foot in my mouth, isn’t it? I’m quite

Best excuse I’ve ever heard for not going dancing: “The only person I’ve
ever danced swing with is [my boyfriend who’s in the hospital and may be
paralyzed for the rest of his life], so I don’t really feel like it right
now.” That was Sara. Ouch. Thanks, hon. (Mountains collapse and the earth shifts without any of us blinking
an eye, but a toe twitch has us all half mad with excitement.)

More embarrassing moments to come, in which you’ll hear of:
  – the photo episode that made Ayodele’s life
  – how Melissa and I almost got kicked out of the Masonic Temple
(or ceremonially sacrificed, who knows?)
  – the Las Vegas incident


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  1. twas quite good times. i’m glad u ended up goin. i almost didn’t go either. i hope to go again when i get times but i’ll b sure not to wander off. that’s way too creepy! i’m shivering jus thinking of it.

  2. After hearing this one, I just can’t wait to hear the rest!
    Oh… so that’s probably why I got so many “no’s” out of you – yes, I do occasionally mumble. It turns out you really like me. You really like me!

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