After years of wishing it wasn’t so
    of striving for ways to change it
    and refusing to be reconciled
    of useless tears
    and bitter envy
    spent staring at my feet
    (and never wearing certain colors)

  I’ve finally decided…
         I kinda like having blue

And that concludes my shallow post.


9 thoughts on “

  1. Seriously. It’s always nice to come to terms with physical appearance…I like my thumbs. Don’t tell anyone. [she says while posting to the internet where anyone can look up “Red” and “thumbs” and find her dithering on.] And I’ve almost reconciled myself to being a shade of white that is never duped into appearing any different than milk with a trace of gone strawberries…

  2. Amy Carmichael wished she had blue eyes instead of her brown, but ended up being able to sneak into temples to save child prostitutes in India…all, according to the children’s flannelgraph story, unimaginable if she had had blue eyes like she wished…uh…

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