I’m in the common room of the lodge, it’s raining buckets outside (it tends to in the afternoons), my cousin once removed, Alan, has commandeered my computer and my cousin Nate is reading my book, so I’ve started looking through some of my grandparents old family news letters, “LINKS,” and found some early insights into the Lewis Family…

Abe born Jan 1982, David Sept 1983 (for reference)

Aug. 4, 1984
FROM TIM AND BECKY IN MELIA: “David’s beginning to pull himself up to a standing position, using furniture, people, or whatever. In the process he’s chipped the middle corners of his two front teeth. But at least he’s not lost a whole tooth yet as Bihi [Abe] did at this stage … Bihi is picking up a lot of Spanish. Unfortunately he’s picked up a four letter expletive which he uses innocently in all the appropriate contexts (and being of a choleric disposition – I wonder where he gets that – there are all too many appropriate contexts)!

June 13, 1988
Tim and family are settled in a house up the street a couple of blocks from us. We enjoy the grandchildren — the oldest three are real “characters”! Yesterday Willie Easley, who is visiting them, walked about a mile and a half with the children to MacDonalds for breakfast — even two-year-old Emily!

June 7, 1989
David has been asking Tim for “time alone” with him. The other night he was sick, in the bathroom vomiting; Tim was with him.
David: “I’m so scared. Why did I get sick when I prayed to the Lord that I wouldn’t get sick?”
Tim: “That’s O.K. This is just God’s way of getting the things that made you sick out of your body.” More retching.
David: “Well … anyway … isn’t it nice we can spend this time together?”

Sept. 1, 1989
Some of the family, including all the children, went to visit Butch Easley’s plastic factory. As they were driving to the factory, Tim and Becky’s David said to Mary [our Aunt], in his typical lisp: “Now this is the plan. I found this match, and when we get there we’ll strike the match and blow up the factory!” But when they got there and he scratched the match on the sidewalk — it lit and scared him to death. What a boy! He loves weapons and has his own knife, which he bought at a garage sale (it’s not very sharp). Abe, on the other hand, spent his money on a white mouse.

Sept. 29, 1989
You can’t fool Tim and Becky’s boys about evolution. A friend took David and Abe to see the Brea Tar Pits Museum. They had telephones on which you could listen to information, so David picked up a phone, listened, then put it down in disgust. When asked what it was about, he said, “Oh, just more of that revolutionary stuff!”

Feb. 22, 1990
We enjoyed an outing to the zoo this week. Abe non-chalantly informed me that one animal I’d never seen before was “native to the amazon”, David kept trying his best to get precariously close to whatever animal happened to be handy, and Emily hitched rides on the stroller and tried to gently cajole Na-nee into waking up, which he finally did, absolutely gleeful to find himself where he was.

You can only be sure of two things in life, Lewises and roadtrips (and pulling things off freeways):
August 1, 1990
Tim, Becky and family travelled to Canada, stopping with friends in Oregon, and Washington on the way…Tim says the children handled the 3,000 mile round trip very well in their Chevrolet station wagon. We asked David what was his favourite thing about the trip. He responded, “The Great Celery Salvage!” Driving home, they noticed a couple of crates along the freeway, presumably fallen off a truck. Tim turned around at the next exit, and retrieved the crates. They were full of large bunches of celery. The next morning the boys loaded their red wagon, and set out to sell the produce: $.75 for two large stalks. Their first customer, of course, was Grandma. I suggested they go to the cafeteria and ask chef Victor if he could use some celery. They sold the rest of their load to him, and he sent them home for more. A successful business venture for the boys.

And finally, how it all began:
Aug. 2, 1991
From Tim: Abe recently has been quite taken with reading “Please Understand Me” (the Meyer-Briggs temperament analysis book) and is fairly excited to discover and share with David that his (David’s) temperament type was found in only 1% of the population. David is showing he has inherited the Lewis entrepreneurial gift. He found a phone card and sold it to his folks for only slightly more than he’d been offered by someone outside the family, insisting, “I really want you to have it”.

…And more of the same.


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