Ever have those experiences where you say something and it doesn’t register until later? You wake up the next morning and think, “Good heavens, what was I talking about?” Except you know what you were talking about, and you really shouldn’t have been. I’ve done this about three times in the past week…four if you count doing it twice to the same person. Mostly – okay always – to guys. The first time didn’t even hit me till about five o’clock this morning, I sat up straight in bed thinking, “what on earth did I tell him?! There are some things you just can’t say.

The last time this was a problem for me was two years ago and I was in love, this time my excuse is I have an ear infection and am running a fever – almost the same thing if you’re judging by what it does to your inhibitions. I’m living these days with my heart too close to the surface. If you’re sentimental that may sound poetic, but it’s not. My heart is a very straight forward thing. That is, until you expose it to other human beings, and then it plays like a foreign film without subtitles.

Sigh. I wanted to be a hermit.


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  1. I am always drunk when I have a fever. I also regularly have ear infections at the same time, and yes; being that little bit deaf is BAD. Poor Emily.Let’s run away and be hermits. Pick any corner of the continent, and I can find you some really nice woods. I’ll even ransack my house for organic dried dates and filtered water. You bring the chocolate…

  2. I so wish I knew who the guys were. Sometimes my heart is more like an American film being played in a foreign country with voice-overs, something seems to always get lost in translation and lets face it, those movies are just ridiculous to watch.

  3. Sigh… your heart sounds better than mine. Mine is like a flim project that never gets aproved. Every time I sit to write you it just never comes out right. Sorry Em, I really am trying.
    (Oh, and about the guy thing, at least I think it happens to everyone)
    Ps: I know it doesn’t help, but do get better

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