Fashion advice.

This is my dad:
“You looked very attractive in that white and green outfit you were wearing the other day, Hon.”
“Thanks, Dad.”
“When we get home I want you to burn it.”

My mom:
“Do you think you could dress…pretty…today?”
“It’s just that I want you to look pretty today. You look so nice when you dress pretty.”
“How do I normally dress?!”
“Well, it’s not that don’t normally dress nicely, you’ve done very well this week…except for yesterday.”
“What was wrong with what I wore yesterday?”
“Oh, you just looked like you didn’t put any effort into it.”

“Hey, Abe, apparently yesterday I dressed like I didn’t put any effort into it. Did you notice and were you impressed?”
“No, but if you had pointed it out I would have been impressed.”

“Emily, you should wear clothes when you leave your room, there are guests in the house.”
“I am wearing clothes.”
“I hadn’t noticed.”


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