The conflict over Emily’s future college plans has reached a feverish pitch at the Lewis household. On the daughter’s side are: a few miscellaneous rock bands – who have made their presence known, the flimsy but well-respected sign on her door that reads “Hermiting…Please Do Not Disturb,” herself, and presumably Dave, who sorely wishes not to have to fill out another reference form. On the parents’ side: God, economics, and everyone else [who’s not neutral]. It seems to be a loosing battle.

To further complicate the matter, the Lewis roof is being redone and the noise within the house is enough to make the most rational person believe they were living in the spleen of a very large man with a very upset stomach. And if that weren’t disconcerting enough, there’s now a clear view of the sky from the toilet in the front bathroom. The roof workers refuse to state their personal stance on the indoor conflict but they apologize for the shingle that found it’s way through the dinning room window this morning.

This just in: A late night survey of the roof shows little apparent difference from before the indigestion. There may be a conspiracy going on.

More news to come.


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  1. I liked what you had to say in response to my comments, Emily. They are thought-provoking. I have to say I guess you are more optimistic than I am. :) Though I very much agree with your comment about how girls can become too “girl-inculturated”. Just to clarify, I wasn’t saying that guys and girls can’t be friends at all just that I don’t see how they can be really close friends.So, what are you thinking about college?

  2. I work in a library. Today, while checking out a book to a boy, I admired his shirt. It read,
    “COLLEGE.One Big Party.With a $50,000 Cover Charge!”
    I hope you, your parents, God and economics can all figure out the place that is meant for you.(and I am going through the same thing.)

  3. Or, you could come stay with me. I’m planning to make my door in the likeness of a bookmark. [I jest, but only because I need it as an image-board for my hermitous projects. My middle brother shouts at the sight of me three times a day, because he feels like it’s been forever since I was around…I just feel assaulted.]

  4. let’s start our own college… it will be way more creative and cynical than that movie, but equally slap-happy…actually, i never saw that movie, but the preview was enough for me to know that we could do much better.

  5. ahem *knock-knock*i was curious if you could give me a small explanation as to what the INSIGHT discussion is.i’m intrigued.Blessings,-KrisPsalm 119:81

  6. Your comment made my week. And it’s been a good week, too. For example, the competition includes hypotheses that anachronistic_red is actually a_stationary_emily by LittleGreenAbe. And a post from Bethany2 about the weirdness of “close friend” status in dates. Oh, and sudden inspiration on my superheroes stories. It just don’t get much better than that. Thank you.

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