Oh for a knight in shining-advanced-digital-graphics armor!

Five…something…this morning I dragged myself out of bed so I could go at six and get a good place in line at the GameStop on Lake for when it opened at seven. Rumour had it they were getting in a new Nintendo Wii shipment. Yes. I’m a closet obsessed gamer chick.

Um… No, not really. I’d promised my cousin I would take him.

Here’s what gets me: at the GameStop there were ten guys there ahead of us, not counting the ones driving away as we walked up, and they were all in their (mostly late) twenties, at least. Buying Nintendos. And something about the maniacal joy with which they told my ten-years-younger-than-them cousin that there were only four Nintendo Wiis left made me think that they probably weren’t there buying Christmas presents for their little brothers.

If I’d been a bigger man (and by that I mean bigger and a man) I would have boxed their ears! But other than being annoyed by their attitudes, there was something slightly disheartening about this group of manless men. I thought that other generations lost their men to war, to the fields, to the factories, and we’re loosing our men to…perpetuated youth??

We returned home thirty minutes later Wiiless and otherwise disenchanted.


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  1. I drove my brother to GameStop at 3AM to wait in line for the Wii. He was the last person in line to get one and when I went back to pick him up he was standing out of view of the rest of the line because he was afraid of getting mobbed. ha! the obsessive gamers, i do not get.

  2. Ick. Yeah, that’s not funny. Which cousin is this? Josiah?Disenchanting, indeed–I’ve never been a gamer, though I think it might have smoothed life over a bit if I was. I mean, surely I could bum a few comics off of that sort of acquaintance if I was…

  3. ahhh, this is a sad story…and not just because it involves my little brother. But mostly- because I can imagine his face.I love you for driving josiah out to Gamestop so early, for wishing to box ears, and for being insightful in it all.yes–perpetuated youth= :(but, you’re the best.

  4. i’m a little behind on the times, as to what RYC exactly means.ooh, the description (and website, which you said does not do justice) is very attractive.always something to roll around, in case formal plans go out the window.  i see it is a dedication of a year though.i’m looking to go straight to Bible College after graduation.the unexamined life is not worth living, and in Him we live.saucy.at any rate, thanks for giving me the heads up.  se buena,-Kris

  5. after writing it, those thoughts were close behind.as far as countering it, the dim awareness i provide isn’t doing much, except befuddling those who have no idea what i’m talking about, getting approving nods from those who agree, and angry thoughts from those who are irritated by it.  i then see myself as a smaller pixel in the whole picture.living out holiness is the rhetorical necessary, especially instructing younger children, and those who are younger (and willing) in the faith.beyond that, i have not expanded my thoughts (i’m sure they are being expanded elsewhere)et-cetera.whatcha think?

  6. I really do not understand the craziness that has unfolded after the release of the PS3 and Wii. Are people (esp. young men) left with nothing else to defend except their right to buy the latest game? It really is ridiculous!

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