More news from the Lewis household:

Emily, seemingly oblivious to the fact that this single act may cause World War III and furthermore wholly unsympathetic (if not quite miffed) about the role she plays in international politics, has done the unthinkable, the unpardonable, the substantially catastrophic. She has cut her hair…as some of the more hyperbolical among us have put it, “all off.”

Though the actual hair loss only totaled 16 inches, weighing approximately 5 1/2 ounces (the weight of an average-sized chicken breast), the loss to her bride-price has been calculated at one and three-quarter camels…or two good heifers in American currency. Emily’s father, interviewed just as plans were being laid out, called the act a “tragedy” but said he had no intention of stepping in. The mother, in an effort to preempt her daughter’s actions, bemoaned, “And I was so hoping you’d get married!” to which the eldest brother replied, with diplomacy fitful for his name, “Seriously, guys do not care that much about hair.”

All stoutness of heart in the situation can be attributed to one Natalie, who continued cutting even while the parents were begging her to stop, insisting that lopsided was in. The truth of this statement has not yet been verified, we are taking a poll (if you would like to participate in this poll, please click here). Emily, meanwhile insisted that Natalie…please…not leave her hair lopsided. Which, thankfully, she didn’t.

This happened the last Wednesday in November, 2006, at 7:30 in the evening, in the Lewis kitchen.


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  1. Long hair gives you headaches. I will personally attest to this. And yes, I agree that you are worth at least one and three-quarter camels.

  2. Lucca, your narrating skills never cease to amaze me. I’m still trying to decide if I’m more impressed about you cutting your hair of or the way you tell the story.
    Uhm… now where is the picture of you and your lovely haircut?

  3. This is funny…did you see my comment about losing limbs and not being fed as worthless for bartering? I’d love to take credit…then again, I’m sure you’re genius all by yourself. This was hilarious, I agree with the always hungry one. I want to off my hair when my friend gets really good in cosmetology. I think my dad might never get over it. He really didn’t get my Union Jack boots…then again, he doesn’t really get “fantasy novelist”, either, and he’s still trying to pawn me off on the unsuspecting. Not that they’re long for that category…

  4. i agree with our brazillian friend, your words are worth a thousand pictures, but that being said…i’d still like to see one :)

  5. While I must admit I was at first against this particular hair cutting adventure, I have since decided that short hair suits you well, not to mention the practical advantages of having less hair to deal with.

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