Emily R. Lewis, Aspiring Author and Journalist, Dies at 20

by Emily Lewis

Wenham, Mass., Jan. 25–Emily Lewis, an aspiring author and student of journalism at Gordon College, died yesterday at her home in Pasadena, California. She was 20.

Family members said her death came unexpectedly. “It’s hit the family pretty hard. Everybody loved Emily,” said Lewis’ cousin Laura Johnson, also a Gordon student.

Lewis transferred to Gordon at the beginning of the spring 2007 semester. “I had barely known her, but I was excited that she was going to be in my life,” said Liz Snyder, a freshman at Gordon. Lewis majored in communication arts hoping to work overseas as a journalist when she graduated in 2008.  “She was such a beautiful person, with grace and compassion for other people and people in the world,” recalls Melissa Dorr, cousin and good friend of the deceased.

Lewis was born March 10, 1986, in a town in northern Morocco, where her parents did doctoral work. “It’s hard to talk about it,” remembers Dorr, who grew up with Lewis just outside Stokenchurch, England. “We were really close. She was a person who was always moving – not that she was always busy, but she was a person of action. She would always say, ‘let’s go do it!’…she loved to live a life of adventure, she didn’t want to leave any options untried.”

Abraham, Lewis’ eldest brother said she was a leader among her peers, interested in a variety of different art forms, did drama and played the piano. “She was very surprising. I never knew what kind of adventure she was going to get us into next,” said Michael McManus, who went to high school with Lewis after her family moved to California in the mid 90s.

David Lewis, brother to the deceased, recounted what it was like growing up with his sister. “She was always trying to bring the family together, and she did that even in her death,” he said.

She will be remembered by family and friends for her easy smile, indomitable spirit and quick wit. “If her humor had ever stopped surprising me, the world would have lost some of its precious charm,” said Bethany Powell, a fellow author and good friend of the deceased. “This has come as a shocking surprise. The world is bereft of her talents–and is much the poorer for it.”


6 thoughts on “Emily R. Lewis, Aspiring Author and Journalist, Dies at 20

  1. hahaha…I’m sorry, it’s just so…funny.I think david’s quote cracked me up the most.. I wish I could know how he actually said that.emily, you are– by far– the coolest. ever.

  2. Look! I’m published?! However. I’m published repetitive, and with a word already used by another contributor. Rats. Foiled again…But what’s this about, brother to the diseased?And I’m disappointed I didn’t appear as “Reknowned Author”. If you get to be dead, can’t I be famous?

  3. “I’m glad that she is not really dead,” reported Joanna Douglas who appeared out of nowhere to give her unsolicited opinion on the subject. Joanna, who suffers from actue MDS (Mortality Denial Syndrome), later insisted that she and Emily were getting together later for their weekly cup of chai and heartfelt conversation. Our sources say that later that afternoon Miss Douglas was found in a corner, rocking back and forth in the fetal position repeating, “She’s not dead, she’s not dead, she’s not dead…”

  4. Nice job.. I’m not sure if it’s cool to be good at writing your own obituary — but I would of been sad had it been real. Did you decide how, exactly, you went about dying? I would of thought a traffic accident, or something.. :)

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