Some of the quotes that didn’t make it into the obituary…

Jennifer Gill:
“You died yesterday? Oh, Blast!”

Laura Johnson:
“I can’t believe she didn’t die falling off a roof – no, cliff!”

Nathan Lewis:
In response to: How is this death affecting you personally?
“It’s distracting because I think of all the things that
were left unsaid and how she always bought birthday and Christmas presents
for me and how I never bought her any.”

Genetic heart failure? Oh no!”

David Lewis:
“Emily was always a younger sister to me. Unfortunately, because she died, she was never able to outgrow that.”


2 thoughts on “

  1. You two! Your profile pics are so your sub-culture! It’s hilarious!
    And hey, I just wanted an excuse as for why I was distracted from my homework. Speaking of which… back to work. Soon. Maybe.

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