Some of you seem to find the possibility of me dying very amusing. You’ve really no idea how happy that makes me. I sincerely hope that my actual death is just as jolly.

But I have happier news:


And there was no greater rejoicing in all the land.

Just a few weeks ago my plans for my 21st birthday were to spend it alone in a cold, foreign state, far, far away from anyone I know or love, without any means of transportation and nigh-on broke, having just sent away all my schoolmates to their happy homes and all my relatives to Turkey. And then to be kicked out of my residence hall…and have homework to do…and only cafeteria food to eat…and be given forty lashes!!

On my birthday!

Okay, so…maybe not the forty lashes part. Then lo, God said, “and she shall have parents that love her and have a lot of frequent flyer miles.” And now! I’ll be landing in LAX airport just minutes before the glorious hour turns, where my sister and others will be waiting to receive me.

And there was [still] no greater rejoicing in all the land.

I plan to:

Go barefoot.
Wear sundresses – all the time…even when I’m sleeping.
Make apple dumplings.
Greet all my friends with kisses.
Laugh, a lot.
Go to the beach, and Chinatown, and Vromans, and otherwise exert my ability to have and drive a car, and when I’m not doing that, to walk everywhere.
Lie on the roof and read books.
Sleep one night on the trampoline in the backyard.
Eat legumes every day and never any cheese.
Have many early morning coffees and late night talks.
Spend time with my little bro.
Watch the sunset.
And repeat.

And there will be no greater rejoicing in all the land.


10 thoughts on “

  1. I am so excited! There is definitely much rejoicing here in this land!
    And just so you know, Natalie and I came up with a list of things to do as well (assuming they will not interfere with any of yours). In addition, I would like to be included in as many doings of yours that you would have me join in on.

  2. I can’t remember your email address. *Sad* But I wanted to ask you about your travel plans next week. Would you like airport service? If so, just email me your flight info, and we’ll work out someone to pick you up and drop you off as needed. :) Also, has anyone talked with you about where you’ll be staying? The Jensens have space and are offering it. Just let me know. Oh, one more question: are you interested in helping decorate the reception room?

  3. but of course! every band needs their resident (itinerent?) man-catcher. so glad that you were able to be here for your b’day and that i get to see you next weekend too! i’m eating legume soup RIGHT NOW. we’ll have to outfit our bandvan with a crock pot and lentil-plants in jars. =)

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