Identity crisis? Check.

I really ought to stop answering when people confuse my name, or at least start pointing out that, although Elizabeth is a very lovely name, really, it’s not mine. Neither is Hannah. Or Rachel.

More importantly, when people confuse me with someone else, I should not pretend to be that person to avoid embarrassing the confused person. I know that not only seems like an obviously stupid thing to do, but a really hard one. Not so much if you consider that for the first couple of seconds I wasn’t sure that she was confused and I wasn’t. (Another reason why you shouldn’t regularly answer to names that aren’t your own.) Until I realized that I don’t house perspective students, so I couldn’t possibly have housed this one. Two more seconds and I’d figured out who she thought I was, and the rest of the faking it was a piece of cake.

I accidentally figured out a wonderful way to never have to answer when I’m called on in BioPhysics. I simply always sit behind this one girl. It’s not that she’s very large or anything, she’s actually quite petite. But her name is Emily, too. So every time Dr. Givens says, “And what do you think of that, Emily?” and looks my direction, she answers. And who’s to say he’s not asking her, after all?

Ah, what is in a name? This Emily, by any other name, would be as devious.


8 thoughts on “Identity crisis? Check.

  1. interesting.say, what book of the Koran is your profile verse found in?i have a copy and was skimming the other night :)grace, peace.

  2. that’s so funny. i can imagine you pretending to be Rachel or Elizabeth. i get mad at people when they forget my name, you must be much more gracious than I. oh, and great strategy for class.

  3. as devious indeed. I keep trying to differentiate my voice so mom’s friends don’t assume I’m her (how do I sound like her? search me) but the other day my grandmother said, “Becky?” I must have been trying to sound young. I suppose I should be proud of my success…but I WAS aiming for twenty, not twelve.

  4. when we had dinner at the winter’s house, we had to introduce ourselves. I said my name was Joel Oates..Unfortunately, he didn’t hear me the first time – and someone else blurted out my ‘real’ name before I could reiterate.Annnndd…lame on the tactic. You should answer the ‘Emily’ calls.. I’m sure you’re answers would be superlative compared to this other Emily’s prosaic drone. ;)

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