Dove vs. Beauty Industry

This is an ad campaign Gordon as been following since Dove launched it. Very provocative.

A. I really love what they’re doing.
B. It is a campaign, Dove is a product and inevitably even ads/funds/campaigns like this that seem positive (yaddayaddaREDCampaign) exist to make a company money.

and belatedly…

C. I wish someone would make a similar un-brainwashing campaign about women’s beauty…and target it at guys.

Redemptive advertising. Well, it’s certainly novel.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Dove vs. Beauty Industry

  1. A.  It is brilliantBrilliantly light.  Light as in bringing illumination to the mass of folks.  I particularly enjoy the ‘positivity’ it presents.  Although, you see it showing the beauty industry negatively, it seems to be a correct representation, highlighting the purity of the young is hopeful and positive.  Adbusters is an org that is involved in the same things, but sometimes their approach seems to be too militant and sarcastic.
    B.  I don’t think Dove making money out of the moral appeal is a bad thing.
    C.  It is a nice counter-cultural weapon to poke the eyes out of the ‘enemy’, but just like Red, and other like campaigns, the new counter-cultural social movements seem to be popular fads…I will be a bit more impressed when I see signs of longevity.
    D.  The ads for guys could come around by strategic protest.  Hundreds of students/parents/faculty politely and graciously requesting the same technique to be used.  etc..

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