I just finished my last undergraduate class.


Of all time.

The weary world rejoices!

And in typical form, I finished it off nearly giving my professor a heart attack by telling him I still hadn’t made up the last test I missed.

He for one won’t miss me, I think.

Professor Kadlecek, on the other hand, keeps thinking of ways to fail me so I have to stick around for another semester. This morning she said if I spelled anything wrong on my final I’d get a zero. Sometimes it isn’t fun when the teacher likes you.

Winter ball was canceled because of a blizzard and tomorrow I will be trekking through two feet of snow and ice to make up that test.

Now I must go study my frequently misspelled words.

For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn…


5 thoughts on “Well

  1. “I cried through most of the last URBANA I went to…NOT because it was so good.”   is that like a ‘look out, Urbana is the college-aged missional version of Acquire the Fire’ warning, or just an unfortunate personal experience?  i don’t want to get into anything that will end up tarnishing further my view of corporate gatherings that use multi-colored lights during worship, teleprompters, and large video screens.  My view on missions?  Gee whiz.  Well, I think the entire Bible is ‘missional’ from Old Testament to New, that mainly comes from an essay I read in Redcliffe college’s journal..mm, I think that missions today is very uneven as folks usually support more short-term missionaries rather than lifer(s), but on one hand, short-term stuff is good experience for folks my age.  On the other, it wastes a lot of resources in certain cases.  Mm, I think if a church is not sending missionaries or supporting them, they are pretty much useless.  Not sure what else.  I’ve not ever thought about my view on missions in relation to any other viewpoint, except it is a pillar, it’s bread, it’s eeeessseeennnnnttttiiiiaaaaaalllll.  and hopefully, someday, I will be on the field myself.  You?

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