When Pigs, Like Rumors, Fly

I sometimes forget what life is like in a close-knit Christian community. It can be wonderful, at times. For instance, having 20+ people to call if something goes wrong. But I think it’s probably what phrases like, “The good, the bad, and the ugly” were created for. Because that’s just what it can get–ugly.

Several weeks ago a friend of mine scared the begeezes out of me by asking me how I was doing, really.

That’s it. Really, that’s all. No malice, no reproach.

But I–oh, Emily–reacted like a cat to a water-hose. Poor fellow. (My friend, not the cat. Silly.)

You see, I’ve been hearing the strangest things about myself. (And it’s no wonder, you say, when I’m doing things like that.)

Sometimes I wonder if it’s being the president’s daughter, or the founder’s granddaughter, that does it. I mean gives people the notion that my life and my family are open to comment, discussion, ridicule. Seriously, the things that people will say about my family, right in front of me, make me want to slap people.

Usually they’re more subtle when it concerns me. But it’s a small community–I’m usually at the next table, or walking down the hall.

And the rumors! They’re often more amusing than vicious, but I swear half the people I know hear of “developments” in my life before I do. Sometimes I never hear.

As for those that I have heard, let me set some things straight (those that aren’t too awful to repeat):

False rumors: (i.e. I am not…) Moving to India, moving to Brunei, working for Rick Hivner, moving back to Gordon (or anywhere, as yet), completely confused about my life and calling, wretchedly depressed or emotional, quiting my job (I’m actually looking for a second one), in debt, seeing a 27-year-old Fuller grad (seeing one, talking to one, even know one) or writing the grandson of the president of Bethany International, living in Haggai, 23 (although I may be responsible for starting that one).

True rumors: Eyebrow piercing (suggested, not accomplished), master’s degree (also suggested, not accomplished–here‘s one of the ones I’m looking at), children’s book (accomplished), no longer going to England this summer (to my great relief and despite what my boss might tell you).


2 thoughts on “When Pigs, Like Rumors, Fly

  1. I am excited to hear you are not seeing a 27-year-old Fuller student that I had previously heard nothing about. Actually, you should be glad to know that only two of the false rumors had even made it to me (not that I am the measure by which to know if a rumor about you has spread) and you told me one of them.

    Why are you relieved to not be going to England? It must be because you are waiting to go with me ;)

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