Poster of My Day

Prince William

This morning I proofed a letter to Prince William. THE Prince William. Of England. That one –>

I sat alone and barefoot in the back of a pickup truck in a McDonald’s parking lot, eating a salad from Carl’s Junior.

At lunch I cooked a pan of very rancid meat, which my brothers promptly ate. (I felt bad about that later, but if they didn’t notice it probably won’t kill them.)

I ran into a woman on campus who asked me if I knew where M11 was. I told her very apologetically that I hadn’t the slightest idea where M11 was and returned to my office–only to discover that M11 was in fact the number on the plate by MY office door and had to run back and get her. Turns out I was the person she was supposed to be meeting with.

I later found out that she worked for the guy I shared a desk with in 5th grade.

I reversed the wrong way down a one-way street (Green, actually) and into a parking lot. During rush hour.

I went to the library and was very frustrated by the amount of books their database said were in the library, but were not on the shelf where it said they were. The fourth time this happened I checked out every other book by the same author, just to be difficult. Then I discovered that none of them have any punctuation whatsoever accept for


and an occasional random

line break then I locked myself out of my car with my computer my books my cell phone and my dinner all inside

and the keys still in the ignition three miles from home if you’re keeping tabs that makes the 3rd time I had to be rescued this week and


makes the 4th guy to do so I think I thought about writing notes and sticking them into the books I got for people to read later and I wondered why people didn’t do that with gospel tracks then I found one in the book I was reading it says

God’s Message to All
The Gospel – God’s provision for your Salvation

and has lots of bible verses with bits in ALL CAPITALS like CHRIST DIED and UNGODLY to show that those parts are IMPORTANT and ENDS with ACCEPT CHRIST NOW! which I thought about doing BUT REALIZED that I have NO IDEA what that MEANS which opened a whole can of THEOLOGICAL WORMS so I

think I will LEAVE you with a QUOTE I found a book which also told me to make a POSTER OF MY DAY and post it in a PUBLIC PLACE ralph WALDO emerson SAID

“Do not be too timid about your actions, all life is an experiment.”


4 thoughts on “Poster of My Day

  1. William is Boring…if I were to write a letter, it would be to Prince Harry, who has admirable hair. Which counts for everything. Obviously.

    Was it your day to do culturally unaccepted things for a Sociology course or what? ^_^

  2. Ms. Winifred Jackson writes letters to Prince William. She works for my boss, so I guess you could say I work with her–though I’ve never met her. If her letter does what it’s supposed to then we’ll all be meeting with Prince William sometime later this month, maybe even Harry, too (Red).

  3. Now that would be blatantly unfair.

    Is he not in Afghanistan any more? Harry, that is?

    I saw a picture of him playing soccer shirtless there and after an eyeful thought “You’re going to burn!”
    Because his estimable hair, you know.

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