Slim is Art and Truth is Optional

Nathan and I in 1929


My younger brother, Nathan, is in JAPAN. You can read about it on his blog. Also, Orlando Bloom and the word “vibe”. Please leave lots of comments and encouraging notes (even if you don’t know him — comments from strangers make his day). Oh, and check out his hilarious collection of Engrish photos on Facebook.

Editor’s Picks July (Sorry I’m a little behind on the news)

Little People in a Big World (thank you to Red)
New Harry Potter Trailer
Will Poulter cast as Eustace

The Dark Knight
Chick-Lit Branding
What on earth?!


3 thoughts on “Slim is Art and Truth is Optional

  1. Okay, trying to be sane about Nathan’s sightseeing is like pulling teeth.

    It’s like he’s two hours from my hometown from which I’ve been banished, and seeing places I went to see. You really shouldn’t have linked me to his blog. I am going to be a commenting-curse.

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