Old Weapons, New Wounds

Old bruises, new balm.

“What did you want to be liked for?” he asked, fitfully catching me off guard.

I searched for the right words and found  none.

I shrugged. “The whole deal,” I said.

“What whole deal?”

Adjectives failed me again.

“I don’t want to someone,” I groped, “to buy the mansion because they like the pool . . . If you catch my drift.”

“I do catch your drift,” he said, slowly, “but I am trying to tell you that you are the whole deal, and I thought you were back then, too.”

I had not the effort left to hurt
I could not find the energy in my bones to weep
you had cut so deep I clean forgot to bleed


One thought on “Old Weapons, New Wounds

  1. I understand wanting being wanted for the whole deal. Ayodele and I were talking about that recently. Being loved for mind, heart, and body. Liking someone for just one of those does feel like buying a mansion for the pool.

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