Credit Where Due

And from later in the in the letter:

I think this innovative technique will appeal to the millions out there who hear voices.

Don’t be the agent who passes on the next JK Rowling. I’ve attached a cute photo where I dressed Pepper up as a giraffe and pasted a star made out of construction paper on her head.

These amazing quotes, by the way, come to you courtesy of Nicola Morgan and her Worst Query Competition.

Now, I don’t normally like writing blogs (unlike writing books)—but I think she’s just wonderful.

I feel like I can’t leave that there without also mentioning Sally Llyod-Jones, who doesn’t write a writing blog, but she does write, and she does blog, and I also think she’s wonderful. I quoted her extensively in my senior thesis.

And now for a related question…

If I put up a Blogroll on the right with blogs I read/love, or blogs by people I love but don’t *ahem* necessarily read, or other blogs by me (there are several)…

Would any of you ever look at it?

I understand that most of you aren’t blog readers, just … Emily readers … but perhaps some of you are blog reader and some of you are both.

For these purposes, I’ve created a poll. I’ve never tried that particular WordPress function before, and I thought it might be fun. Also, some people just like to push buttons. Feel free to comment instead.


6 thoughts on “Credit Where Due

  1. I have blog rolls on my blog, but I doubt many people look at it. I use an RSS reader an so rarely look at the blogs I read. Since I have a reader, I have a bunch of content and have developed my own “system” of finding new blogs to follow… and for me, lists of blogs is not one of those ways [smile].

    On the other hand, I’m guessing someone may find it helpful at some point and I’m happy to accommodate them [smile].

    And, yes, I just like to push buttons.


    1. Thanks Luke! If I may ask, how do you decide which blogs to include on your blogroll? That’s another thing I’ve wondered about. I think I’ve perused your blogroll before… I had no idea homeschoolers were such avid bloggers!

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