to Thailand we will go

Nathan and I depart in less than two hours.

I’m bringing seven books: The Thief (Turner), Cry, the Beloved Country (Paton), The Handmaids Tale (Atwood), and Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury). Only one of which I’ve already read. And the Bible, which oddly is the smallest book I’m bringing. My laptop–the largest. And only one notebook. That required some restraint.

Actually, my entire carry-on is only books and computer accessories. I should probably learn to write more by hand.

We’re flying internationally out of LA, but if they don’t give us one of those little travel packs, that’s okay, cause my dad has already given us each one. When I tried to refuse it he said I’d be in real dire straights if I got stuck on an international flight without socks or earplugs. Mom gave us little medi-packs with the instructions, “If you feel sick, just take ten of those pills.”

I’m looking forward to the elephants, and the weather. We’ve been running the swamp cooler non-stop here, and I’m cold.

Stay tuned for a video blog of the journey.


4 thoughts on “to Thailand we will go

  1. Yay for international flights and books for wonderful journeys!
    Haha – I love your family. Your Dad is probably right that the airline won’t give you a travel pack.
    I look forward to all future postings about this adventure!

  2. Have a great time! (And I am definitely looking forward to the video blogs.) Man, I just realized how much I miss Thailand sometimes.

    Oh, and excellent choice of a good travel book: Cry, the Beloved Country.

  3. what on earth ur going to thailand and youre taking 7 books?!?!?! i understand a couple for the flight, are you planning on staying in side and reading that much?

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