An Open Letter to My Mom, etc.

Hi Mom,

This is what I’m hoping to do in Kansas City:

I’m planning on taking the May 5–28 Intimacy track and the June 2–25 Intercession track. However, with being stranded here in Turkey, I may only make it to the latter one. I’m praying about how God would like me to go forward from here with this change of schedule.

Acts 6:4 says the disciples “Devoted themselves to prayer and the ministry of the word.” And I believe IHOP’s ministry is just that. I can hardly go anywhere these days without running into someone who’s views on Jesus/scripture have been profoundly radicalized by intersection with IHOP. They are not, in dad’s terms, “about where the Kingdom isn’t” but about where the Kingdom IS. And I believe they take their role in edification of the body seriously.

Like I’ve said before, I believe writing to be my calling, not M-work, and not prayer. But as I explained to a friend the other day, up till now I’ve been spending 5 hours a day working at a high-end clothes store. Meanwhile Ms in North India perish for lack of knowledge. I’d rather be spending 5 hours a day praying and mobilizing for N.I. I don’t believe it puts my calling in jeopardy because I’m able to do other work for the kingdom that desperately needs to be done. I don’t believe I have an excuse to do nothing simply because it would be more convenient for me to stay in California and sell clothes. I think mobilizing is one of my gifts and I believe prayer is an essential and life-long skill that I will use in any country or career in the world. So this path makes sense on a very practical level, too.

On a spiritual level, I’m learning that if we truly believed that “Life is War” we would live very differently. What I am trying to learn is how to declare war in the spiritual realm. I believe that’s what prayer is, I believe that’s what we do when we do God’s Will in a place where His Kingdom has not yet come, and I believe writing can do that, too. I’m going to IHOP and Pleasant Valley to try and glean from them how to do it in the ways they do it best, not saying that either place has everything right or the full picture of what God’s work in the world is. I don’t think I have that, either.

Does that clarify my motivation for you a little more? I absolutely want to keep first things first in this whole process, and let other things fall to the wayside. According to Jesus the first thing is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” I see writing, prayer, India as part of that. But as I continue to seek his face (another biblical command, per Ps 27) I hope to get a greater vision of the full reality of that in my life, from “my heart will not fear, though war break out against me” to seeing “the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Feel free to pass this on to dad or other’s in the family that ask you questions about this decision-making process. I’m trying to keep everybody up-to-date about where my head and heart (and body) are, all at the same time, and not finding it easy!

I love you and thank God daily for giving me you as a mother.



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