Fairy Dust: On the Road Chronicle

I’ve been living a crazy life (besides just the moving-around-the-world part)! This time last month, my friend Jeni and I were starting on a road trip down from Seattle to LA, but I was feeling really uneasy about it.

The morning we were meant to depart, I shook her awake in the dismal light of early dawn on the tiny bed we were sharing in my cousins’ flat, and we asked God together what we should do. From that prayer meeting we ended up completely rerouting our course, heading East instead of West, with no planned places to stay and little cash in our pockets.

But it seemed like from that moment on, God was the third person in that car. All conversations reverted back to him, prayer and worship flowed freely, there was a sense of peace and security that followed us even in the strangest of places or precarious of circumstances, a feeling of divine providence as tangible as a cloud by day and fire by night.

I think in total we spent $16 on lodging between the two of us for the whole trip. That was at a campsite north of Crater Lake, where the campsite owner, not even knowing that we had only one sleeping bag between the two of us and a tent that wouldn’t zip closed, brought us his own 40lb sleeping bag and extra blankets out of the blue. The night was warm and we were grateful but baffled.

When we woke the next morning it was below freezing.

A few days later, we stumbled into a little, shabby looking street fair in a little wine town outside San Fransisco. It was put on by a local church to raise money for a prayer rally they’re planning in—of all places—India! And a couple of wonderful old (in body, young in spirit) ladies at a booth ended up praying with and prophesying over us. I’ve rarely felt the Spirit come so suddenly, so tangibly, in any place.

In the same town we were given some antique handkerchiefs sewn full of lavender, and it seemed like everywhere we went from there the fragrance of that place followed after us.

Which brings to mind something one of the women prayed. She said she saw me as shimmering, like with fairy dust, and where I went things I touched would begin to shimmer, too. That image, and other things they mentioned: healing, and music, and BOLDNESS, have been very present in my prayer life as I anticipate this move to India.

I’m learning about the beauty of the Lord as His presence which makes beautiful situations which could not possibly be beautiful without Him.

One night on the trip we found ourselves six hours from home in Fresno, California, sitting in a Winco parking lot by the porta-potties, sometime after midnight, and instead of praying in earnest about a safe place to stay we ended up singing, “Great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning, new mercies I see. All I have need Thy hand hast provided…”

That is the presence I want to shimmer with like fairy dust and leave behind me like the scent of lavender in the wind.


4 thoughts on “Fairy Dust: On the Road Chronicle

  1. Ah… love remembering this through your eyes. It’s so cool to read this now, especially with so much anticipation for what’s in store. Love ya, Em

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