21 Reasons Not to Start Blogging Again

  1. As consoling as it is on a bad first date, I really want to live my life without always thinking, “This will make a good blog post.” “Will this make a good blog post?” Or the alternative, “I’m never going to tell anyone about this ever.”
  2. Even those last ones sometimes become blog posts, because my response to embarrassment is usually to tell everyone I know about it. Somehow I think it helps.
  3. It does actually.
  4. Wait, that last one wasn’t a reason.
  5. Remember when I had an online vintage clothes retailing business? I eventually shut it down because I spent all my time photographing the clothes and not really selling them. The time I spend designing “the look” of my blog, versus the time I actually spend blogging, is kind of like that. If it were a business model, it would be a bad one. (But she’d have killer style.)
  6. Even aside from the looks factor, managing a blog is inexplicably time-consuming.
  7. I want to write different things than blog posts, and need the time to do that.
  8. I travel a lot. Which means great swaths of time without internet access.
  9. I live in India. Which means great swaths of time without internet access.
  10. I’m not sufficiently tech-interested to use the apps / 3G / doohickies that would make this easy.
  11. My past, techier, self somehow (and I don’t remember how) set this up to feed directly to my Twitter, which feeds directly to my Facebook, which in turn tells everyone I know about the ridiculous things I say sometimes.
  12. I say ridiculous things sometimes.
  13. But really. And people take me seriously. And they should know better.
  14. Despite the vintage-clothes-retailing debacle, I have an anti-proclivity to cameras (unless video) and picture-taking, which seems to be an unfortunate requisite for successful blogging these days.
  15. It seems exhibitionist.
  16. “A writer is one for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” (Thomas Mann)
  17. And blogging makes me a little quote-happy. Just watch.
  18. THE END.
  19. “What?” you say. “But that’s only eighteen!!”
  20. I should spend the time gaining valuable and thus-far overlooked skills. Like counting. And decoupage.
  21. Just kidding, I know how to decoupage and I don’t think it can be considered a skill.

Well, I guess I’m blogging again.



2 thoughts on “21 Reasons Not to Start Blogging Again

  1. I have a friend here who blogs, and we’ve had several conversations about how blogging seems to seep into how you look at everything. And take over, so the meta-you is figuring out how to put the experience in words instead of letting you enjoy it.
    This is why I’m a fan of occasional blogging. And why that’s what I do. If something starts forming that I want to share, I can. But there’s not pressure to turn my life into something worth telling now.
    I have always enjoyed your writing, though. And will gladly read however much – or however little – you post here. :-)

    1. Yes, exactly! It’s somewhere between the feeling of “an over-examined life is not worth living” and “if a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a noise?” …and I realize that most things probably fall between those two statements. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t like looking at my life from an audience point-of-view, or the ever-so-pervasive belief that the things we do and the parts of who we are that no one ever sees or hears of aren’t real.

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