A Good Life

Go on up
to the place the glory dwells,
where the sunset turns that familiar skyline golden.
And let your soul be filled.

Drink in deep
of the air of that place
that reminds you winter’s on its way
and fall too soon will fade
and all of summer that remains
is what you carry within you.

Take it all in
let your ears fill with the bleating of goats in their alleyway pastures
and the bells of the delivery-boy bikes.
Stare so long at the sky that the Indian sun stains your retinas.
Let the wind blow through your teeth as you smile
at the sound of the leaves shivering ’round you.
This will all come and go like the flocks of doves spiral above you.
But the things inside you remain.

So let the gold
of that sky make you glow.
And let linger that light behind your eyes
so that no number of screen hours can leech it from you.
Keep the joy of a kite on the wind.
Let your heart fly high on its heartstrings.
Let the children dance across the rooftops in your memory.

But let the call of your passion be like the bird trainers’ song and follow it on.
This is a good life you leave behind,
and a good life you carry with you.


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