Loving the Prince of Peace in a World at War

I don’t need to recount the stories, I know you’ve seen them. It’s hard to avoid the barrage these days, it’s hard to take your eyes off it: children shooting each other, men witnessing and participating in gang rapes, women lighting themselves on fire to kill themselves or strapping themselves to bombs to kill others, leaders of countries massacring their own civilians . . . The Bible likens the turmoil of the nations to the raging of many waters, and I for one feel like I’m cowering in the midst of a storm. Historians calculate that in all the history of mankind there have been 13 years of war for every single year of peace.

But Jesus . . . He speaks a word and calms the storm.

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One thought on “Loving the Prince of Peace in a World at War

  1. Hi, Emily,

    This is so beautifully expressed. Every night as I watch the news or read the morning newspaper, I think how sad that our world is the way it is. If only folks could focus on the Prince of Peace. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so eloquently.

    Love, Barb

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