The One Who Was Chosen (Leah)

Fuhrich's Joseph and Rachel

This is part of a series: I’m taking a moment in the lives of people in the Bible to see how it might be relevant to our lives, today. That moment may be just part of their story, or it may be all we’re told about them. Either way, you should read it directly from the source. This week’s story comes from Genesis 29:16-35.

One more thought on having a good life: Rachel was Jacob’s choice. Leah was God’s choice. There are three people who I don’t want to be in that story. Rachel, who got the guy but was so oblivious to the lack of God’s favor in her life, she even blamed Jacob for it. Jacob, who didn’t accept God’s merciful intervention when it came (and ended up with not just one miserable, bickering marriage because of it, but four). Leah, who was loved and blessed by God but in the end would probably have chosen to be loved and blessed by her husband even over being in the line of David and lineage of Jesus.

And that last one is the important part, because I want to choose God. God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. Hosea married a prostitute, Esther married into a harem, not because they were unloved by God, but because they were chosen by him.

Years ago I had to write my parents a very hard email about the end of a relationship. This quote is part of that letter. (In case you’re wondering, yes, my emails do often read like a Lenten blog series.)

Read “Unrequited Love” my post about Leah on the IndiaAnya blog.


One thought on “The One Who Was Chosen (Leah)

  1. Emily, your post speaks so directly to me! Though I am glad to be chosen by God is it really enough to go through the pain and the suffering like Hosea or Leah? I know that it then boils down to our ways not being God’s ways but why would he chose these ways when it does hurt us so much?

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