What did that last post mean?

Probably whatever it said. I’m more likely to be straight forward than to make sense. But if it still seems completely absurd, see references at “satire” and “sarcasm.”

Why is this blog called seethesparrow?

Matthew 6:25-26; 10:29-31

Do you, like, live in India or something?

Yes. Or something.

Are you exaggerating?

Almost always.

Are you the Emily I know?

Probably not. There are plenty of Emilys in the world and I’m not most of them. Sorry.

You’re funny.

I know.

You’re amazing! Where else can I delight in your amazingness*? 

Well, gee. Now I’m blushing. You can watch me on YouTube (coming soon!), find me on Pinterest, follow me on Twitter, or stalk me on Facebook.

Why isn’t my question on the FAQ page?

If you think a question should be added to the Frequently Asked Questions, ask it frequently below. This section is for questions only. Please limit your comments to questions, phrase comments as questions, or just add a question mark to the end of your comment. Thank you.


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